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Locally Mad

Children and youth Completed
Kudowa Zdrój
Public School in Kudowa Zdroj, Kudowa Zdrój, Poland
Community School in Kudowa Zdrój, Kudowa Zdrój, Poland
Public School in Duszniki Zdroj, Duszniki Zdrój, Poland
Association Fundus Glacensis, Kudowa Zdrój, Poland
Public Library in Szczytna, Szczytna, Poland
Public Library in Kudowa Zdrój, Kudowa Zdrój, Poland
Association Julinka, Czech Republic
2015-02-15 - 2016-03-15
69 609,68 PLN
62 609,68 PLN
new technologies, hate speech
Project description
The County Kłodzko Development Strategy for 2008-2015 points out to a dwindling number of individuals who volunteer in community organisations, are ready to engage in new projects or are informed citizens. This is especially true of young people and it is vital that local initiatives are proposed to make a difference in the Kłodzko valley.
The project aimed at raising the level of public involvement by helping to establish several groups of pro-active young people who could learn to identify local needs and implement local community projects. Such groups were formed in several towns in the Count and a relationship was built with an organisation in Czechia that annually organises an event addressing human rights, global issues and environmental challenges.
Workshops and meetings for children and youth were held in 7 schools and some of them involved local leaders and local government officials. Seven initiatives designed by young people were implemented for the benefit of about 1,000 individuals. Project participants presented the outcomes of the project at a Polish and Czech youth participation conference.
Project beneficiaries were children and youth in the Kłodzko Valley.
The project was implemented in partnership with the Norwegian Church Aid which was responsible for organising the "ChangeMaker” youth seminar and cover the costs of participants from Poland. Other partners included schools w Kudowa-Zdrój, Duszniki-Zdrój, Szczytna and Lewin Kłodzki. The Fundus Glacensis Association helped with the organisation and the local libraries in Szczytna and Kudowa-Zdrój co-orgnised meetings and encourage youth participation in local projects. Last but not least, the Občanské sdružení Julinka Association from Czechia co-organised activities and workshops for Polish and Czech youth.
We use the grant for capacity building