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Behavioral Addiction Psychotherapy Center And Train The Trainer School

Counteracting exclusion Completed
2015-04-01 - 2016-04-29
170 724,74 PLN
152 814,54 PLN
Project description
The Center of Public Opinion Research research from the years 2011-2012 indicates that over 50,000 persons are addicted to gambling games (low stake slot machines, betting in casinos) and 200,000 is at risk of addiction. Less than 10% of pathological gamers apply for help. It follows also from the fact that there are only few places, which offer help free of charge. An addiction is damaging not only for a gambler, but also for his/her family members. As a result, apart from the addicted persons, also their partners and children need therapeutic help.
The goal of the project was to counteract exclusion of persons addicted from gambling, Internet and other activities through creating a therapeutic offer for the addicted and the co-addicted people and through educating couches of prevention and behavioral addiction therapy.
34 addicted persons, who took part in the project declare the will to continue the therapy and to restrain from the addicting activities, and to make order in their own and their families’ life situation. 15 co-addicts have learned how to deal with an addicted person, how to cope with lack of trust and overcontrol. The Anonymous Gamblers group was founded. 30 graduates of a school for couches have obtained knowledge on psychopathology, prevention and behavioral addictions therapy.
A group therapy for 34 addicted (groups of 6 – 10 persons, in total 140 hours) was run and individual therapy for 49 persons: 34 addicted men (in total 643 hours psychotherapy) and 15 co-addicted women (mothers, wives, partners; in total 85 hours of psychotherapy). 7 persons benefited from legal counseling (in total 40 hours). A school for couches on prevention and behavioral addictions therapy was organized in a form of 9 two-day conventions (9 hours every day) for 30 interested professionals.
49 persons have completed therapy: 34 addicted men and 15 of co-addicted women from Małopolskie Voivodeship; a school for couches was completed by 30 persons from whole Poland: 19 addiction therapists, 5 court officers of probation, 4 social aid employees and 2 psychology students.
We use the grant for capacity building