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Social revitalisation of public space using the strategy of Placemaking

Civic participation Completed
2015-04-15 - 2016-03-31
55 838,30 PLN
48 838,30 PLN
spatial planning
Project description
The project resulted from the need to engage inhabitants in transforming public spaces in order to create spaces in which inhabitants would enjoy spending their time and with which they would identify.
The aim of the project was to conduct social consultations on two localities in Gdańsk, using the method of placemaking, to verify the effectiveness of the method and introduce a real change in public space. The method consists in developing public spaces that would integrate local communities and give them a Place – the space where people feel „at home”. Placemaking is both transforming public space and activating inhabitants – through cultural animation – to use the space. The consultations were led in Świętopełk Park and Ujeścisko Ravine – the names were devised by the organisation to start to give them their identity.
The consultations with inhabitants and municipal institutions and the cultural events organised in the Świętopełk Park created a closely integrated group that would for sure continue activities for developing the place. The success of the activity convinced us and the inhabitants that participation makes sense – because it brings visible results. The activities led in the Ravine led to slight space amendments strengthening its recreational function.
The consultation parts of the project resulted in developing two management concepts and publication of two Place Handbooks, describing proposals for further activities in the areas. Some initial implementation activities were conducted together with inhabitants to improve the appearance of the places – the installations indicate the future direction of changes in the localisations.
During the project, 22 meetings with inhabitants and representatives of municipal institutions took place, including four city picnics. In total, the different activities gathered about 800 inhabitants of Gdańsk of different ages, as well as representatives of the District Councils, city councillors, the vice-president of the city of Gdańsk, representatives of the Directorate for Streets and Green Areas in Gdańsk. In the case of the Świętopełk Park, the project led to developing a draft that truly takes into account the interests of all participants of the process of space management – as witnessed by the fact that the city authorities decided on its full implementation.
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