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“I Know What I Want”

Counteracting exclusion Completed
2015-03-01 - 2016-04-30
71 572,00 PLN
64 002,00 PLN
Project description
Many studies prove that basic communications skills are of huge importance to the guardians and environment of disabled persons. Physical and mental handicaps seem less burdensome once a disabled person can communicate. The reverse is also true: if no means of communicating can be found, caregiving is perceived as exceedingly difficult (Frohlich, 1990). Managing a Day Therapy Centre for persons with cerebral palsy, the organisation received numerous signals from disabled persons and their caregivers pointing to communication barrier issues causing social exclusion.
The project purpose was to improve life quality for 8 speech-impaired adults with cerebral palsy by implementing alternative techniques and strategies, and augmented and alternative communication (AAC).
Eight adults (aged 27-35, 4 female, 4 male) with multiple disabilities, speech-impaired for cerebral palsy-related reasons, were equipped with individual communication aids and tools and attended AAC classes. Project participation allowed them to improve their communication competencies and self-deciding skills as a direct result.
Participants were provided with individual low-tech aids and communication tools (pictogram tables, communication books, activity plans, calendars, communication passports, photo albums, 3D touch signs), high-tech aids and communication tools (communicators, switches, specialist computer software, adapted computer mouse devices, pictogram bases), and positioning aids (basal pillows). Individual AAC classes (1,094h) were delivered, all classes supervised. Twenty-seven guardians attended consulting sessions with an AAC expert and 3 AAC training courses. Seven therapists attended a cycle of internal and external training sessions (drafting AAC diagnoses and Individual Communication Systems, positioning according to basal stimulation rules).
Project beneficiaries included 8 speech-impaired disabled persons and their 27 caregivers.
We use the grant for capacity building