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Youth e-Inspirers

Children and youth Completed
Nowy Sącz
The Middle Schools' Association of Students' Government 'Self - governance Academy', Nowy Sącz, Poland
2015-04-01 - 2016-04-30
68 093,30 PLN
61 113,11 PLN
Project description
One of the most important social and economic problems affecting young people in the Sądeckie region is a difficult situation of the labour market: unemployment (c. 13% in 2014), only few big companies, low wages. Young people do not envisage their future in this region. They see better opportunities in other countries or in big cities. That is why so few young people get involved in activities related to their local communities.
However, they are willing to join initiatives on social networking sites and they know how to use modern communication tools. The Centre of Mobile Education Foundation wants to use this potential and is the only organization in the region that uses online networks for organizing students’ mutual help and teaches how to use the networking tools for coordinating youth activities and civic education.
The aim of the project was to develop civic engagement of young people of the Sadeckie region, to develop skills necessary for peer cooperation, for sharing knowledge through social networks and for increasing youth participation in making decisions concerning their own communities.
The project implementation resulted in creating 5 youth groups, which provide the so-called education e-volunteering service and 5 groups of youth advocates of civic activities in their schools and in the municipality.
Young people took part is training on civic participation, legal protection of image, ways of counteracting cyber violence and on techniques of preparing multimedia materials. Young project participants carried out social initiatives, which also involved their peers. A web portal for young people was launched and it includes educational materials and videos.
The project beneficiaries were secondary schools students from Nowy Sącz and its vicinity.
The project partner was an organization from Norway, Dabrowska Renhold. They enabled the young Polish project participants to get acquainted with examples of youth social activities addressing respect for other cultures and to learn how to prepare effective information campaigns. The local partner was Association of Secondary Schools Student Governments “Academy of Self-Governance” from Nowy Sącz, which supported recruitment of project participants in secondary schools and also promoted the project.
We use the grant for capacity building