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Monitoring of school students rights in the Vistula area

Public scrutiny Completed
2015-02-03 - 2016-04-30
265 025,00 PLN
236 225,00 PLN
education system, local government, public institutions, accessing public data
Project description
For many years, in its activities the Foundation has repeatedly encountered problems of violating human rights in schools, such as violating the rights of school student, no influence on the situation in schools, no access to information. Non-respecting human rights in schools belongs to the category of "invisible" problems. For fear of oppression, it is not reported, leads to withdrawal from active social life and deepening of discrimination. The last nationwide reports on the subject come from 1995-96 (HFPCz) and 2006 (MEN, CODN). The absence of up-to-date research, also on the situation in Pomorskie region, made it very difficult to introduce mechanisms of support for schools to improve the situation of school students.
The aim of the project was to develop systemic mechanisms to protect school student's rights and to limit violations of human rights in schools located in the Vistula area.
In 10 schools recommendations on changes concerning the rights of school students were accepted. The report formed a basis for activities led together with the Advocate for the Rights of Children (RPD) to introduce standards for children rights in schools.
The rights of school students were monitored in 20 secondary schools from six counties. The survey included 1092 questionnaire interviews, 20 focus groups, a desk research analysis, 10 deepened interviews with 745 school students, 158 teachers, 170 parents, 19 public officers. Based on the report from the surveys, methods to counteract violating the rights of school students were prepared by experts. 10 of 20 schools were selected where round tables were organised to develop pacts of school students and teachers for respecting school student's rights. During ten focus groups and 15 interviews, the effectiveness of the developed tools was examined. The results of the surveys were disseminated through the report and during a conference, and the results of the monitoring together with a description of good practices were presented in a publication. Analysis of the report by the Office of the RPD was used as a basis for a motion to the Ministry. The partner, the Foundation Centre for Social Research and Analyses, prepared and conducted the diagnosis of respecting school student's rights in the 20 schools and was responsible for preparing the report from surveys.
We use the grant for capacity building