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Public space of Wrocław

Public scrutiny Completed
2015-03-01 - 2016-04-30
68 592,75 PLN
61 592,75 PLN
sustainable transport, local government, local policies, public institutions, accessing public data
Project description
Public space planning in Wrocław remains the sphere of the city life that is not rationally directed. Buildings are developed in the suburbs while empty plots are available in the centre. Road traffic intensifies while public and bicycle transport are lagging behind the needs of inhabitants, and more and more historical buildings are demolished.
The aim of the project activities was to influence the city policies and municipal institutions in Wrocław to make their activities more open and in line with the principles of sustainable development in the fields of protection of historical buildings, public and bicycle transport, and city green areas.
Under the project, the first in Poland comprehensive strategy of city movements „How to create Wrocław” was prepared, concerning different aspects of city space development, from green areas through commerce to pedestrian traffic. It contains various recommendations for the whole city and particular solutions for the district Śródmieście Południowe, together with town-planning concept and a model for developing new buildings.
Over 40 motions and petitions were sent, of which many brought about effects for the city space of Wrocław. E.g. the city institutions were persuaded to more transparent actions, and to introduce facilities for cyclists. The initiative „Register old buildings” was conducted that had 100 000 page views on Facebook and raised great media interest, popularising the task of protecting historical buildings. The motion concerning a railway to Sobótka and accompanying media campaign, together with popularisation of the problem of urban agglomeration railways, made the issue an important local theme during the parliamentary elections in 2015. During the project, the Internet paper Hipermiasto ( was published presenting analyses on different city problems. The paper will further serve as a platform for the debate on the city. 70 official documents, previously unknown to citizens, were made available, e.g. on transport, protection of historical buildings and city space planning.
The partner, the Society for Embellishment of the City of Wrocław, 10-years old and renowned Wrocław city movement, was responsible for promotion of the project, expert consultations of different initiatives, and organisational assistance.
We use the grant for capacity building