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I am HIV-positive!

Combating discrimination Completed
2015-02-02 - 2016-04-30
151 993,40 PLN
136 493,40 PLN
Project description
A Network Plus Association (2011) report proves that social and occupational discrimination and discrimination behaviour by health care staff is the daily bread of persons living with HIV. A 2005 public opinion poll has further shown that, improved HIV-related scientific knowledge regardless, wrongful beliefs are shared by a high 40% of the society. The majority of HIV-related social campaigns implemented in Poland over the last 10 years focused on preventing infection, few targeting the discrimination of infected persons.
The project purpose was to prevent the discrimination of persons living with HIV in a first Polish innovative social campaign, duly implemented nationwide. Thanks to the use of innovative social marketing tools (getting persons living with HIV on board, street-art vlepkas, virals, photographs, posters, collaboration with celebrities), the campaign became visible, and was recognised with an award during the “Social Campaigns” nationwide competition. Eight Polish- and English-language virals commenting on the discrimination of persons living with HIV were produced. A website highlighting key visual campaign elements was set up. A total of 8,000 copies of printed materials describing the campaign were distributed throughout Poland. Over 240 urban campaigns were organised at 142 public utility venues. The project was supported by 45 volunteers, including 24 persons duly trained in the project. The campaign closed with a photographic portrait exhibition, showing i.a. HIV-infected persons. An online counselling unit was set up with psychological, pedagogic, and mentor assistance available. According to the Leo Burnett Agency, the campaign had a reach of 15 million. Direct campaign information reached no less than 2,000 people. Seventy-two persons were offered assistance as part of the online counselling service.
We use the grant for capacity building