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“These Things”

Counteracting exclusion Completed
2015-02-02 - 2016-04-30
382 710,38 PLN
344 110,42 PLN
health/healthcare, disability, integration
Project description
According to the Polish census of 2011 the number of people with disabilities (PD) amounted to about 4.7 million. PD are perceived by their caregivers and the community only through the prism of their disability, which unfortunately often is the sole foundation of their identity. Other aspects, like sex or social role, become not important. Sexual education of young people with disabilities in Poland is very limited. Parents avoid conversations on intimate topics or they belittle them. There is no sexual education in school curriculum. Thus, a huge developmental deficit arises, which hinders or even totally blocks reaching emotional maturity.
The aim of the project was enhancing the quality of intimate life of people with motor disabilities, providing reliable knowledge on family planning, gaining independence and integrating in the social and cultural life.
Thanks to the project realization 45 persons with disabilities increased their knowledge about sexuality and developed skills to communicate their needs. 45 caregivers recognized the importance of this aspect of life and started to respect PD’s needs.
Persons with disabilities took part in workshops - stationary (144 h) and off-site (216 h) - during which they gained knowledge on physiology, safe sexual behavior, establishing relationships, etc. The classes were conducted by reputable authorities in sexology and psychologists. Beneficiaries could use individual counseling (180 h), and also they took part in compulsory forms of motion activity and classes in nutrition and styling. Strong emphasis was put on the workshops concerning independence, breaking stereotypes and intimacy. Video clips and a short film promoting the project’s idea have been produced. As well, open seminars on sexuality were held (180 h), in which people connected with the PD from all Poland took part.
Beneficiaries were 45 persons disabilities, their 15 partners, 45 caregivers and about 160 seminar participants.
The Partner’s experience in activating PD in various spheres of life was used.
We use the grant for capacity building