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Monitoring of the enforcement of the rights of candidates for drivers “Safe participant of driver licence courses”

Public scrutiny Completed
2015-02-15 - 2016-04-16
255 046,91 PLN
217 983,82 PLN
Project description
In view of a complicated training system for drivers in Poland, so far no information system on the rights of drivers was in place, and according to the Supreme Audit Office report from 2011, the training centres for drivers were nor sufficiently supervised in their activities. The low awareness on the consumer rights of the clients of the training centres for drivers and on the legal provisions regulating trainings for drivers led to irregularities and indirectly resulted in lowering the safety of all road users in Poland.
The aim of the project was to supply to the prospective drivers professional and full knowledge on the rules for acquiring the title to drive vehicles and to support persons who encountered irregularities and violations of their consumer rights during trainings for drivers.
The activities of the Foundation resulted in organising a platform of support for prospective drivers and highlighting in the public debate many irregularities endangering the safety of citizens. The knowledge on irregularities gathered during the project and the effects of a broad public debate formed the basis for developing recommendations for legislative amendments. The recommendations were forwarded to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Construction Industry responsible for the training system for drivers.
Under the project the organisation conducted information and promotional activities concerning the quality of services provided by training centres for drivers – including the compliance of the services with the binding legal regulations. Monitoring of bodies supervising training centres for drivers was conducted. An information portal was launched for participants of training courses, as well as an expert helpline. The Office of the Advocate for the Rights of participants of training courses was organised who offered support, including: legal consultations, mediations, and interventions in the supervising bodies.
The project benefited prospective drivers, the officers supervising the system of trainings for drivers, and businessmen having schools for drivers.
We use the grant for capacity building