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City district pulse. I live here, I'm active here, I make changes here

Civic participation Completed
2015-03-02 - 2016-03-02
267 320,00 PLN
239 508,95 PLN
local government
Project description
The project was intended to enhance social activation in the districts of Gdynia characterised by cumulated social problems, and thus being „civil deserts”. In the districts, social problems, the sense of resignation, often resulting from old age or the lack of employment, are connected with low level of civil engagement and very weak motivation to undertake activities to change the situation.
The aim of the project was to enhance the knowledge on the opportunities to manage the city from the level of inhabitants of local communities in the districts of Gdynia. The aim was also to enhance civil activation and social competencies necessary to develop a common stance among inhabitants. All activities were aimed at empowerment of inhabitants and gathering knowledge through experiences.
The inhabitants acquired new skills during the workshops of the School for Local Leaders (three editions – 57 participants). Ten debates were organised (200 recipients). As a result of the debates, also a map of dangers in the district was prepared and forwarded to the police and published in a local paper. Other debates concerned the roles of councillors and neighbours in local environment. The activities resulted in opening discussions in different areas, in particular on methods of consulting with inhabitants important city plans (12 consultations – 337 recipients). With the help of inhabitants and experts, the publication „Guidebook for neighbourhood activities” was prepared. In order to improve the quality of life for inhabitants of a housing complex in Gdynia Chylonia, a Civil Panel was organised. A report from the survey was prepared for local authorities and institutions useful in planning future development. The survey covered 202 of 458 randomly chosen persons. The results of the survey help to plan further activities and show that it is worth to support the development of local communities and that such activities bring visible effects. Information on the project were posted on the Internet page that became a part of the social campaign and will be further developed after completion of the project. The campaign raised interest among inhabitants and experts.
The project recipients were inhabitants of Gdynia. The partners prepared tools for the survey.
We use the grant for capacity building