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Volunteering with Class –Community Engagement Support Programme for Middle School Students

Children and youth Completed
2015-02-02 - 2016-04-30
373 365,08 PLN
335 915,08 PLN
local policies, community engagement
Project description
Research conducted by organisations supporting senior citizens and people with disabilities in the Wielkopolska region suggests that young people, especially in middle schools, are very intolerant towards these individuals. The Association's experience also suggests that middle school students rarely become involved in community work, which translates into their poor sense of responsibility for their future.
The main goal of the project was to improve the civic engagement and volunteering of students in 30 middle schools in the Wielkopolska region. Furthermore, the project aimed at creating a framework for partnerships between teachers and students in School Voluntary Clubs.
As a result, sustainable volunteering mechanisms were established in schools. Thirty middle schools in Wielkopolska launched or expanded Volunteering Clubs.
Over 700 volunteers spent more than 9,000 hours supporting 60 initiatives or institutions. Young people learned to help others while attending education activities.
Thirty teachers received training to support volunteers. They were assisted by facilitators in schools. Facilitators delivered education activities and assisted in planning/supervision of voluntary activities. Some of the facilitators were individuals with disabilities and experts with experience in assisting sick and old people. Students experienced first-hand the limitations of old age (using an old age simulator) and learned to help wheelchair-bound individuals.
Project beneficiaries included middle school students in the Wielkopolska Province.
The project partners, the Piotr Janaszek 'Pass it On' Foundation as well as CREO, were responsible for designing and delivering training and support activities for School Volunteering Clubs.
We use the grant for capacity building