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It Is Up To The Neighbor To Decide

Counteracting exclusion Completed
2015-03-01 - 2016-03-31
180 000,00 PLN
162 000,00 PLN
community engagement
Project description
Nadodrze is the most marginalised housing complex in Wrocław. Revitalisation of buildings has started, but inhabitants were left for themselves, while many of them live on the verge of poverty, are unemployed, cope with addictions and domestic violence, and children and youth have no support. The housing complex is inhabited by 28 000 people. 10% of them use the services of the City Social Assistance Centre, receiving various social benefits. Some inhabitants are unable or unwilling to apply for such assistance. Social work led by the Social Assistance Centre is insufficient.
The aim of the project was to prevent social exclusion of persons most endangered by it through social activities, to include them in initiating self-help activities and to enhance their life activation and integration.
The participants of the project were acquainted with the opportunities for supportive neighbourhood cooperation, got rid of the sense of alienation and learned how to care for the common good. They increased their sense of self-assurance and the skills of coping with difficult situations (based on 267 questionnaires and 300 interviews with participants). Workshops were conducted on topics proposed by the participants: artistic (29 meetings), psychological and developmental (52 meetings), in English (3 meetings) and Spanish (4 series, in all 40 meetings) languages, in relaxing techniques (14 meetings), in use of computers (12 meetings). In all, 500 hours of workshops were conducted with participation of 267 persons. Advisory services were offered for persons endangered by exclusion (twice a week, in all 300 hours) that benefited 144 persons (737 advices were given). In the beginning once a week, and later twice a week a cafe bar was opened, supporting neighbourhood activities, where food and drink were offered and thematic meetings were organised, e.g. on travelling, exchange of books, music etc. Also 60 meetings of volunteer and self-help groups took place in the cafe and the Wrocław Time Bank was launched (300 registered participants). A picnic was organised (without alcohol and violence) where inhabitants and their families could meet, as well as a happening to promote contacts between generations. The activities gathered 800 adult inhabitants of Nadodrze housing complex in Wrocław.
We use the grant for capacity building