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School of Openness for Podlasie

Combating discrimination Completed
The Open Education Foundation, Białystok, Poland
2016-01-04 - 2016-04-30
193 389,31 PLN
173 729,12 PLN
refugees and migrants, public institutions
Project description
In recent years, Białystok witnessed numerous incidents on racist grounds which led to a significant weakening of the sense of security on the part of foreigners residing in the Podlaskie region (the two centres situated in Podlaskie region gather over 400 foreigners) and had impact on their relations with the receiving community and the image of the city. The growth of the negative attitudes is also showed by the increased popularity of marches against immigrants. The aim of the project was to prepare local community for encounters with new refugee groups and to train professionals to work with them. It was also planned to train local educators to work with culturally differentiated groups. As a result of the project, 1007 schoolchildren from Podlaskie region were familiarised with issues related to refugees. Trainings for 41 persons working with refugees gave them additional knowledge on the situation in Syria. Under the I Podlaskie Intercultural Education School, 33 educators were trained to work with refugees. A film documentary presented the situation of refugees. Under the project, 54 hours of lessons for schoolchildren, 32 hours of trainings for persons working with refugees, 3 film shows, and 3 debates were organised. Four scenarios of lessons for schoolchildren were prepared. A film documentary "Borders. European dream" was produced, together with lesson scenario based on the film. 76 hours of trainings were organised under the school for educators. 31 educational activities in local communities were performed by the educators. 300 additional copies of the book "To Understand the Other" were printed. The project benefited 1007 schoolchildren, 41 persons working with refugees, 634 participants of the film review and debates, and 33 educators. The film was watched by 2272 persons. The project was implemented in partnership with the Foundation "Narval Theatre" and the Association "Kobieteria", responsible for the production of the film documentary, and with the Białystok University Foundation and the Open Education Foundation, responsible for organising the I Podlaskie Intercultural Education School.